PhD Course in Authentic Leadership

The purpose of the PhD course in ‘Authentic Leadership’ is to contribute to PhD training through discovering as well as nurturing and developing leadership authenticity skills among PhD students.

The course is a 5 ECTS course which will provide the PhD students with theoretical and conceptual understanding of the concept of Authentic Leadership as well as train the students in critical reflection and application of AL in different contexts. The course will be based on the principle of complex problem solving, bringing in real life problems, to which the students find solutions.

The training of students includes components of innovation and creativity. By fostering entrepreneurial, open and innovative skills, PhD students will be able to apply them to the business environment.

Specifically, the PhD course will train students following the employability skills put forward by the EU in terms of:

  • Complex problem solving, by bringing in real life case problems, that the students would find solutions to
  • Mental elasticity, by allowing students to "feed" of each other in terms of the interdisciplinary knowledge they bring to the discussion
  • Critical thinking on the subjects at hand, which will spill over into:
  • Judgement & decision making, which are crucial aspects when it comes to future employability possibilities.

Upon completing the course, the PhD students should be able:

  • To develop an advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the concept Authentic Leadership (AL)
  • To critically reflect upon self-awareness in AL
  • To reflect upon and evaluate practicing AL in different contexts
  • To illustrate how development of authentic leadership would benefit the PhD learning process 

The course contains lectures, simulations, PBL-oriented workshops, problem-solving and reflection exercises. Blended learning and online tools will be utilized.

Pre-course work: material for the course will be available 1 month before the on-site session. There will be online communication as well as written assignments before and after the on-site session. 

The PhD students course is one out of three intellectual outputs (IO1) of the Erasmus+ project titled: International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training (IETN).


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