PhD supervisor training in Authentic Leadership

The PhD supervisor training (2 ECTS) in ‘Authentic Leadership’ is a professional development training for PhD supervisors which aims to facilitate the development of their Leadership Authenticity which eventually carries forward to the supervised candidates. Ultimately, leadership authenticity enhances the quality of doctoral education making it more fulfilling for the candidates and supervisors as well as more impactful for society at large.

Upon completing the course, the PhD supervisor should be able:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of leadership authenticity
  • To illustrate how development of leadership authenticity can facilitate supervision of PhD candidates
  • To critically reflect upon leadership authenticity in PhD supervision
  • To incorporate the principles of leadership authenticity in PhD supervision
  • To integrate leadership authenticity into doctoral candidates’ learning process

Participants should be eligible as PhD (co-)supervisors according to internal rules of an institution. It is recommended to have at least some supervisory experience to enable reflective and interactive training.

For developmental purpose, the pilot editions of the course will prioritize participants with experience.

The training is mainly targeted for PhD supervisors interested in professional development with regards to their supervisory practice. The training will be beneficial for PhD supervisors from various disciplinary fields within and outside academia.

The PhD supervisor course is one out of three intellectual outputs (IO2) of the Erasmus+ project titled: International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training (IETN).


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