2018 edition testimonials

"Despite being a statistician with a strong quantitative approach, I really enjoyed the course and I found it extremely useful to my research on inductive algorithms of data-driven science. The emphasis on philosophy and grounded theory are extremely relevant for current research on a global scale."

- Rolando Gonzales, Agder University

"The TBRP course was intense and challenging as we were constantly taken out of our comfort zones and encouraged to look at things differently. Throughout the course, by observing our own and the other participants behaviors, I realized that in our attempt to search for explanations for a particular phenomenon, our theoretical lenses inevitably get in the way and reality presents itself to us bounded by our limited rationality. I recommend the TBRP course also for academics and practitioners as it provides the conceptual and methodological tools needed to start thinking differently."

- Henrique Correa da Cunha, FURB University of Blumenau Brazil and Halmstad University Sweden

"I’m a visiting professor at Halmstad University and had the opportunity to take the TBRP course. I was very interested in this course because in Brazil we also have some methodological courses and I wanted to see other approaches. The TBRP course surprised me in a very good way. The course it is not a methodological course; it is a very good way to develop a criticism approach which is necessary for a good research project and to contribute to new theoretical approaches. It was interesting for me to learn new things about theory building from literature and new methods of theory building from data. I recommend it not only for the contents of the course itself but also for the way the facilitators shared their experiences. I learned how to explain qualitative research in a better way for my students in Brazil. I really encourage anyone to participate regardless your methodological knowledge."

- Dinorá Eliete Floriani, University of Vale do Itajaí

"The course challenges some taken for granted ideas related to doing research; the process of theory building is stimulating."

- Daniel Tyskbo, University of Gothenburg

"The TBRP course opened my research knowledge arsenal to theoretical coding, memo writing, substantial coding, conjecturing, and properties of data to be collected and analized among others. I learned how to stay open and be context free in my data collection and research skills. I strongly recommend this course for nascent PhD scholars because of the magnanimous research methodology diffusion from the resource persons of this course. TBRP will open your mind not only getting sufficient data from literature review but also from other sources. We work hard and had fun."

- Emmanuel Makanjuola Ogunjemilua, Obafemi Awolowo University

"The TBRP is not a conventional course; its design is innovative: you participate in assignments during the course and you may discuss your research during the course with lecturers. The course will help you to rethink your research process, learning diverse data analysis methods and techniques and how to use these in your dissertation. Especially, if you are a conceptual thinker, you will learn more about how to establish a new theoretical relationship in research. In addition, you have an opportunity to meet diverse group of participants who will make your learning experiences much more worthwhile and productive. I highly recommend this course to other doctoral candidates."

- Promotosh Barua, Turku School of Economics

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