ESR council

The ESR Council acts as a forum for feedback and development and advises the elected representative on the Supervisory Board. Meetings of the ESR Council take place at plenary meetings and workshops and via skype in the intervals between these events. A formal record of meetings is prepared for the Supervisory Board as part of annual reporting.

Oxana Gisca

Oxana is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher registered at the University of Oulu’s Martti Ahtisaari Institute. Oxana received her MSc in Criminal Law at the University of the European Studies of Moldova. She has an extensive professional background, knowledge and expertise to implement the international standards, to provide strategic quality expertise. Oxana’s research focuses on how adoption and legitimation of new innovations in virtual technology are achieved by moving beyond current frontiers of organizational practice, consumer experience, service delivery processes and social networking.


Felix is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher registered at University of Glasgow. He received his MSc in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology from Strathclyde Business School. During his studies, Felix has conducted research on emerging technologies (particularly augmented and virtual reality) and their potential to improve economic, environmental and social sustainability. Felix has prior to joining the LNETN project, worked as the managing director of a social enterprise in Germany. His research focuses on innovation and legitimation of newness in a specific company, Fintech, in Scotland.


Louis is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher registered at Aalborg University Business School. He holds an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester. Prior to accepting a place on the Horizon 2020 programme he worked as a consultant for a professional services firm in central London working with a range of businesses across multiple sectors. His research focuses on legitimation of newness in modern and traditional contexts.


Luiza Stein da Silva

Luiza is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher registered at University of Halmstad. She received her MSc in Administration from the State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Luiza has extensive professional experience in the development of innovation systems, having worked especially in the coordination of programs to promote and develop new ventures and partnerships in technology-intensive sectors. Her research focuses on the legitimation of collaborative initiatives inserted in regional innovation systems.