PBLMD Library

Within this space we aim to create a project library by bringing together a wide range of source material on student-centered teaching and learning methodologies and methods.

Academic references, PBL:

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Academic references, student-centered learning:

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 Guides and Manuals:

A guide for students by students – Problem-Based Learning at HUMS (2012).

The University of Notre Dame, Australia: Problem Based Learning Manual School of Medicine, Fremantle (2015).

York Law School: Guide to Problem-Based Learning (2014).

Problem-based Learning: Case Studies, Experience and Practice (Case Studies of Teaching in Higher Education) (2001).

Problem-Based Learning Online (2006).

Teaching for Quality Learning at University (Society for Research Into Higher Education) (2011).

Psychology for Psychologists: A Problem Based Approach to Undergraduate Psychology Teaching (2015).

New Approaches to Problem Based Learning (2010).

Power of Problem Based Learning: A Practical How to for Teaching Undergraduate Courses in Any Discipline (2001).

Blogs, Webpages, Media:

[Higher Education Academy (HEA) blog – entry from a recent conference on Active Learning (UoG).

Tim Hall Multidisciplinary departments: do they work?, the Times Higher Education, January 6, 2015.

Tim Hall  Why working across subject areas may benefit you in the REF?, the Guardian, December 2, 2014.

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