PBLMD International conference

Conference theme:

When Students Take the Lead: Enhancing Quality and Relevance of Higher Education through Innovation in Student-Centered Problem-Based Active Learning

Conference date:

27-28 October, 2016

Call for papers:


Paper submission deadline:

31 August, 2016

Conference host:

Technical University of Moldova

Conference co-chairs:

Prof. Larisa Bugaian, Vice-Rector Research, Technical University of Moldova

Dr. Romeo V. Turcan, Associate Professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Aalborg University

Conference tracks:

Track 1: The politics of Student-centred problem-based active learning study programme and curriculum change

Track chair: Romeo V. Turcan, Aalborg University

Track 2: Changing the relationship between the learner, the teacher and stakeholders

Track chair: Olav Jull Sørensen, Aalborg University

Track 3: Innovating student-centred problem-based active learning

Track chair: Kenny Lynch, University of Gloucestershire

Track 4: The impact of ICT on student-centred problem-based learning, teaching and curriculum development

Track chair: Ralph Deher, University of Siegen

Keynote speakers:

Romeo V. Turcan, Associate Professor, International Business and Entrepreneurship, Aalborg University, Denmark

Olle ten Cate, Professor, Medical Education, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Panel session:

Embracing PBL within a university: Implications for quality, relevance and employability

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    Call for papers and conference tracks

    The submission deadline is August 31, 2016.

    Student-centred problem-based active learning contributes substantially to the enhancement of students’ competitiveness and employability. It also contributes to research, allowing academic staff to engage in research-based teaching, bringing the latest business and scientific developments directly to the students.

    Student-centred problem-based active learning encourages students to work independently and constructively using academic staff as mentors and supervisors. It is a learning philosophy according to which the learning process is organized in such a way that the students actively engage in finding problems and answers to these problems. Student-centred problem-based active learning also encourages students to pursue their own learning objectives and paths.

    The conference offers four tracks that will be held consecutively.

    Track 1: The politics of student-centred problem-based active learning study programme and curriculum change

    Track chair: Romeo V.Turcan, Aalborg University (rvt@business.aau.dk)

    Track 2: Changing the relationship between the learner, the teacher and stakeholders

    Track chair: Olav Jull Sørensen, Aalborg University (ojs@business.aau.dk)

    Track 3: Innovating student-centred problem-based active learning

    Track chair: Kenny Lynch, University of Gloucestershire (klynch@glos.ac.uk)

    Track 4: The impact of ICT on student-centred problem-based learning, teaching and curriculum development

    Track chair: Ralph Deher, University of Siegen (dreher.tvd@uni-siegen.de)

    All papers should be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word file or Adobe Acrobat file to the Chair of one (and only one) of the tracks.

    Full call for papers can be accessed here.

    Detailed guidelines on paper submission may be accessed here.

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    Keynote speakers

    Olle ten Cate is Professor of Medical Education at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and program director of Undergraduate Medical Education at University Medical Center Utrecht. Since 2005 he leads the Center for Research and Development of Education at UMCU. His research interests include curriculum development, peer teaching, competency-based medical education, and many other topics. From 2006 until 2012 he served as president of the Netherlands Association for Medical Education. In 2012 was appointed adjunct professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.


    Romeo V. Turcan is Associate Professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research interests relate to cross-disciplinary theory building; creation and legitimation of new sectors and new organizations; collective behavior; international entrepreneurship; and de-internationalization. He has professional experience in power, oil, military high-tech, management consulting, and nonprofit sectors. He received his PhD in International Entrepreneurship from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and MSc in International Marketing from the Marketing Department, both at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He received his first degree diploma of mechanical engineer from the Air Force Engineering Military Academy, Riga, Latvia.

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    Program and Proceedings

    The programme may be accessed here.

    The proceedings (abstracts) may be accessed here.


    Conference Papers:

    Babuci, A., Gavriliuc, M., Cemortan, I., Vovc, V., Melnic, E., Cojocaru, S., and Stratulat, S. "Problem Based Learning and traditional methods of medical students’ training" pdf)

    Balan, M., Calin, R., and Ciorba, D. "Bypassing curricula constraints by means of ICT" (pdf)

    Bugaian, L. "Student Centred Learning" (pdf)

    Cotelnic, A. "Seeking solutions to enhancing competitiveness of Moldovan Universities: Implementation of Problem-Based Learning" (pdf)

    Covas, L. "PBL and the organizational culture in the educational institutions" (pdf)

    Dorogaia, I. "Changing the higher education paradigm in Moldova: The steady necessity in today’s world" (pdf)

    Dreher, R. "Developing PBE-oriented curricula in the field of engineering science" (pdf)

    Eicker, F., Bohne, C., and Haseloff, G. "The Problem with the Problem: On student orientation in an Advanced Problem Based Teaching and Learning" (pdf)

    Gavriliuc, M., Melnic, E., Vovc, V., Cemortan, I., and Babuci, A. "Education based on medical issues (Problem Based Learning in medicine): Do we cancel, overturn or evolve the existent educational process?" (pdf)

    Kerridge, C. "Benefits of using business simulations as an experiential learning method" (pdf)

    Lynch, K. "Authentic learning for uncertain futures: Designing Active and Problem-Based Learning to prepare undergraduates for employment and citizenship" (pdf)

    Pojar, D. "Using PBL in public administration studies" (pdf)

    Popa, A., Todos, I., Rosca-Sadurschi, L., Vulpe, O., Girnet, S., and Noni, L. "Changing the relationship between student-teacher and the real sector of activity" (pdf)

    Simpson, C., and Whitehouse, R. "A New Digital Learning framework for blending on-campus classes with synchronous and asynchronous provision" (pdf)

    Solcan, A. "Problem Based Learning in entrepreneurship education: Opportunities and challenges" (pdf)

    Stihi, L. "Boosting the relationship between enterprises and universities – important stakeholders in the educational process" (pdf)

    Sørensen, O. J. "Universities in Social Engagement" (pdf)

    Timbaliuc N. "Emotional Intelligence and team effectiveness" (pdf)

    Turcan, L., Zamfir, N., and Vidaicu, M. "Problem Based Learning at the law schools" (pdf)

    Vidaicu, M. "Using Visual Learning Tools for teaching criminal law" (pdf)

    Vovc, V., Gavriliuc, M., Cemortan, I., Babuci, A., Padure, A., Melnic, E., Bugai, R., and Rotaru, V. "Innovating Student-Centred Problem-Based Active Learning at the "Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy: Previous experience and actual challenges" (pdf)

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    Registration and Travel


    As this international conference is part of the PBLMD project that is funded with the support of the European Union, there is no registration fee. However, each participant is responsible for his/her travel costs and costs of stay.

    As soon as you receive a confirmation of acceptance of your paper from respective Track Chair, please forward this confirmation to Larisa Bugaian – lbugaian(at)gmail.com

    All queries about submission of the papers should be directed to respective track chairs.


    Travel and cost of stay are the participants’ own expense. The organisers will provide assistance in booking hotels in Chisinau.

    We have special offer for conference participants from VisPAs Hotel – 80 Euros per night. The hotel is approximately 6-7 min. walk from the conference venue. For hotel location, please click here.

    To learn about available options for the accommodation in Chisinau, car hire and more, please click here.

    All queries about the conference, incl. registration, transportation, and accommodation, should be directed to Larisa Bugaian – lbugaian(at)gmail.com