Matthias Zach

Matthias successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Exploring the emergence and shifting of new and radical product concepts in the context of In-vitro Diagnostics industry" on June 10, 2020 at University of Gloucestershire, UK.

The examination committee: Professor Nikolaos Tzokas of Mohammad Bin Salman College of Business & Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia (external) and Dr Phillipa Ward of University of Gloucestershire (internal).

Supervised by: Romeo V. Turcan and Carsten Bartsch

Matthias explores how new radical product concepts emerge under uncertainty in the context of the In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry. Specifically, he studies how new product concepts that build on fundamentally new technology are elaborated, defined and modified in an early development stage within a globally operating corporation. In his theory building thesis, Matthias develops a theory of Scoping to explain the emergence of new product concepts under uncertainty. This thesis sheds light on the dynamics of new, radical product development in complex market and corporate environments, contributing to our understanding of constant adaptation processes - concept shifts - during early development phases.

Matthias is an Innovation Manager, working in the medical device industry. In the past years, Matthias held various positions in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. His research interest is Innovation and R&D Management particularly in the context of highly regulated industries. He also holds a Master in European Business from the ESCP Europe Business School and a diploma in pharmaceutical engineering.

Carsten Wehrmann

Carsten successfully defended his DBA thesis titled "Exploring Internationalisation Effects on Firm Performance: Quantitative Empirical Study among German, Swiss and Austrian Listed Companies" on September 12, 2018 at University of Gloucestershire, UK.

The examination committee: Emeritus Professor Hamid Moini of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (external) and Dr Xiaoling Hu of University of Goucestershire (internal).

Supervised by: Romeo V. Turcan (main) and Elke Pioch (second)

In his thesis, Carsten studied the relationship between internationalization and firm performance. Specifically, he explored the relevance of internationalization in the context of other factors of firm growth as well as additional effects of internationalization in the context of M&A, R&D, intangible assets and capital structure neglected in prior firm growth and internationalization research. His thesis combines several distinct theoretical lenses and is based exclusively on financial data and financial analysis research. Carsten employed advanced methods of financial analysis in combination with advanced statistical analysis methods to explore the effects of internationalization on firm performance.

Carsten is the General Manger International and member of the Executive Board at Tchibo GmbH in Hamburg. Before his assignment at Tchibo, Carsten was working 19 years for Lindt & Sprüngli. During this period, he worked as Vice President Marketing, Country Manager and CEO in 10 different Countries in North America and Europe. Carsten is married and has two teenage daughters.


Rebecca Saksager

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