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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training

The complex and interdisciplinary nature of newness and theory building underlines the need for innovative interdisciplinary training of a new generation of highly-skilled, creative, entrepreneurial and innovative doctoral researchers trained to understand, develop and above all communicate a deeper understanding of the process of newness and theory building and their impact.

TBRP interdisciplinary doctoral training programme is designed to fully prepare young doctoral researchers to become future leading experts in the research and innovation of newness and theory building, in both academia and industrial environments, supporting effective high level understanding and decision making, exploit the synergies of perspectives of newness and theory building and boost innovation for the benefit of the global economy in all sectors.

Nowadays doctoral researchers have the opportunity to receive training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies and methods. However, the opportunity for the doctoral researchers to receive hands-on experience and training in inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international theorizing and theory building is scarce.

TBRP interdisciplinary doctoral training programme aims to fill in this gap by:

  • Developing new and sharpening extant theory building methodologies, methods, tools and techniques
  • Applying these methodologies, methods, tools and techniques to inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, and inter-technology research and empirical settings to develop innovative understanding of newness and its impact
  • Training young doctoral researchers on how to theorize and build theory from extant inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, and inter-technology theoretical and practical knowledge and data.

Since the inception in 2013 of TBRP PhD course in ‘The Process of Theorizing and Theory Building in Management Research’ just over 90 doctoral researchers from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Vietnam took part in the course, researching interesting inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, and inter-technology phenomena such as:

Modern slavery and stakeholders shared value creation synergy → Hybrid operating room in the making: Coordinating a complex medical practice → Emergence of new product concepts in medical industry → Altering human behaviour via augmented reality in the context hotel construction industry → Social consequences of child cancer survival → Seafood Eco-labelling, Environmental Governance and the Battle of “Sustainability” → Sustainability of production and consumption of contemporary fashion with a focus on body, cloth culture, fit and sizing → Patient empowerment → Emotions and learning → Collective memory and cultural heritage
military educational wargaming → Clinical decision making → Parent-preschool interaction → Performance of innovations → Business modeling and foresighting.

For more information about earlier TBRP doctoral training visit: https://www.tbrp.aau.dk/interdisciplinary-doctoral-training/phd-course/earlier-editions/

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