PhD Course in Theory Building

Welcome to the 2023 - 11th - edition of the TBRP PhD course on: "THE PROCESS OF THEORIZING AND THEORY BUILDING IN MANAGEMENT RESEARCH".

  • "I wish I had this course one year ago" or "I wish I had this course two years ago" - these are examples of instant responses we receive from our participants when we ask them to reflect on the course!!!
  • "I have often thought about the theory building course. Today, I am revisiting the literature. The course had a great impact on my project as I have used Glaser’s approach to grounded theory to make sense of my data. It was a scary process and it costs a lot of hours to go through the process. However, I am very pleased with the result. Even a year after the course, it is still very present here in my office" (Anne Klitgaard, PhD candidate, Danish Building Research Institute, Denmark) - A year after the course: a sustainable, long-term impact!!!
  • Here are more testimonials from our alumni

Every year our course gathers together PhD students with diverse, multidisciplinary research interests; in 2020 research participants had these domains of enquiry: Lean Supply Chain Management →Cooperation and Competition in Innovation Ecosystems →Relationship between HQ and Subsidiaries →Emerging Ecosystems of Educational Technology in Higher Learning →Contextualizing Violence Prevention →Value Creation in Innovation Projects →Indigenous apporach to innovation →Corporate Entrepreneurship →Innovating  the  Invisible  and  Intangible →Strategy and innovation in SMEs in remote regions →Organisational leadership within Swiss public hospitals →Reputation of (Cooperative) Banks →Construction Management →Competitive Green Resources Products Business Model Innovation [you can learn more about multidisciplinary research interests of the participants here]

It is a 5 ECTS course. The course admits maximum 20 students. Apply now!!! Do not miss your chance!!!

The 2023 Edition will take place on May 22-26, 2023 and hosted by TBRP of Aalborg University Business School.

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