Course description

Course description

This is a generic, 5 ECTS, PhD course. It aims to acquaint PhD students with the process of theorizing and theory building in management research.

We start from the premise that it is critical for PhD students to master the process of theorizing and theory development from the extant knowledge and empirical data quite early in their Doctoral studies.

By the end of the course the PhD candidates will have gained skills and knowledge in:

  • Discovering your voice during the literature review process
  • Gaining sensitivity to theoretical development during the literature review process
  • Building theory-driven typologies
  • Discovering your voice during data collection and analysis process
  • Gaining sensitivity to theoretical development during data collection and analysis process
  • Building data-driven typologies    

The PhD course is delivered using a mixture of lecture-based and interactive teaching methods, including 2 group assignments and feedback to PhD candidates on their identified issues and challenges.

The students will have the opportunity to meet in-person distinguished scholars and practitioners who are invited as guest lecturers and mentors during the course:

  • Dr. Andy Lowe, Grounded Theory Institute, California, US
  • Dr. Matthias Zach, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Michal Lysek, Axis Communications, Finland
  • Prof. Romeo V. Turcan, Aalborg University Business School, Denmark.

TBRP PhD course attracts, as primary target, PhD candidates in their 18-24 months of the doctoral program. However, we also welcome PhD candidates in their later stages of the doctoral programme.

This is a 5 ECTS PhD course. The course admits maximum 20 students. The course is provided in-person format only.

Registered Docotoral Researchers will have full access to the course programme and material via course Intranet. Upon receiving the registration fee, each student will get an e-mail with log-in instructions. Any queries about course intranet shall be directed to the PhD Course Secretary.


  • DL1: Apr 10, 2023 - Essay submission. Please go to application to start the application process.
  • DL2: Apr 14, 2023 - Essay acceptance.
  • DL3: Apr 30, 2023 - Registration and payment of course fee. Early registration is strongly encouraged.

Participation fee is 300 EUR. The fee will cover costs related to lunches, coffee breaks, two dinners, and course material. Participation: in person only. Each participant is responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation.

The 2023 Edition that takes place on May 22-26, 2023 is hosted by the Aalborg University Business School.

Any queries about application, registration and administration, please contact the host, Michael K. Simonsen.

The PhD Course is a programme run jointly by Aalborg University (AAU, Denmark), Halmstad University (HH, Sweden), and University of Oulu (UOULU, Finland).

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