Guest lecturers

Andy Lowe, Dr.

Dr. Andy LoweAndy is a Fellow of the Grounded Theory Institute in California and Visiting Professor to the executive PhD program at the De La Salle University Manila Philippines. For the past 20 years Andy has had a close working relationship with the co-originator of the Grounded Theory method Dr. Barney Glaser. Andy is committed to improving the quality of PhD supervision as well as explaining how to research busy powerful people. He holds an MBA from Aston University in Birmingham UK as well as a PhD from Glasgow University Scotland. In 1996 he was awarded the EU post-doctoral research fellowship where he worked at the Swedish School of Economics.

Michal Lysek, Dr

Michal is a Senior Development Engineer and Certification Responsible at HMS Industrial Networks AB and Researcher and Lecturer at Halmstad University (HH). Since 2018, Michal has been hired as a consultant through HH and the Swedish Defence Ministry to participate in an education program for the Swedish Armed Forces. He participated in the planning and implementation of the the program and has carried out seminars related to classic grounded theory and quantitative research. He conducted individual supervisions of app 50 officers (captains/majors) per class and year. Besides his PhD, Michal has a MSc in Computer Systems Engineering, and four BScs degrees, one in psychology and three in engineering.

Matthias Zach, DR

Matthias is an Innovation Manager, working in the medical device industry. In the past years, Matthias held various positions in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. His research interest is Innovation and R&D Management particularly in the context of highly regulated industries. He also holds a Master in European Business from the ESCP Europe Business School and a diploma in pharmaceutical engineering. In his PhD thesis, Matthias explored the emergence and shifting of new and radical product concepts in the context of In-vitro Diagnostics industry, employing Grounded Theory tools and techniques to develop his theory of Scoping to explain the emergence of new product concepts under uncertainty.

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