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Newness and theory building are the foundation of TBRP. Newness is also at the heart of the EU 2020 Agenda that states that: Europe’s future is connected to its power to innovate. Recent trends in Europe, US, and globally have demonstrated that there is a lot of power to innovate out there, but most of the time with a negative sign. Recent new global responses in the fields of politics (Brexit, the election of the USA and French presidents), science and technology (GM crops, nuclear energy, fracking, global warming, AI, big data), health (eating disorders, immunisation, anti-biotic resistance), social (mass migration, extremism and terrorism, nationalism, sovereignty) are just handful examples of potential innovating powers.

In our society of rapid change, seeking to cope with such complex, large scale new challenges to economic, social and political development, there is an urgent need for new perspectives, theories, approaches and methods to address how best to interpret and respond to escalating new challenges.

In the context of Theory Building Research Programme, newness is defined – although not exhaustively – as new products, technology, industry/sector, policy, forms of organizing, categories, trends, and practices, and seen as the main driver of knowledge creation.

To contribute to the above identified challenges, TBRP brings together researchers, passionate about newness and theory building, from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, with complimentary theoretical and conceptual approaches, techniques, methodologies and instrumentation, goals and motivations. Several interdisciplinary, integrated, collaborative research projects are put together on the basis of an interdisciplinary methodology and research environment jointly facilitated and led by TBRP faculty.

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