De-globalization, Re-globalization, Late Globalization

This ongoing research programme promotes research on late globalization. It advance our theoretical understanding of de-globalization and de-internationalization that could eventually lead to one or more significant theories of late globalization.

The programme is led by Nikhilesh Dholakia, Professor Emeritus, University of Rhode Island, USA.

A constellation of constructs surround the core idea of "Late Globalization". Sociocultural as well as economic approaches need to be brought together to explore the "who, when, where, how, why, and which way" of late globalization processes, at various levels (micro, meso, macro) of analysis.

In this area of interest, TBRP researchers have identified three frames of reference to theorize and research 'Late Globalization': (1) macro, meso and micro levels: global, country, industry, company, process and strategy; (2) context level: sector size, mission, location, knowledge, growth and structure; and (3) time level: evolution, epochs and episodes... see for example, Turcan (2006) and Turcan et al. (2020).

At the micro end, for example, there are studies of late globalizing industries and sectors in particular countries. At the very macro level, on the other hand, TBRP researchers are exploring theories that locate the current phase of globalization in the long stream of history, ranging from ancient to modern to future times; including business beyond the Earth, exo-globalization.

These frames of reference lay several foundational stones to build theoretical structures around the core concept of late globalization and offer the key avenues for further exploration and analysis of late globalization... Learn more

De-globalization and de-internationalization phenomena are intrinsic part of Late Globalization. In their TBRP Perspectives essays: "Shedding further light on late globalization" and "Recent casualties of late globalization" Nikhilesh Dholakia and Romeo V. Turcan briefly introduced and discussed de-internationalization phenomenon and set the stage for a discussion on de-globalization.

Series of blogs have been initiated in the Reserach Gate to follow recent trends on these phenomena:

Late Globalization, Re-globalization, Exo-globalization

De-globalization and De-internationalization

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