Network training

The learning objectives of the LNETN training programme are achieved via: Local trainig; Secondments; and Network training.

Local training

All participating universities have established domain specific doctoral schools. LNETN is designed to capitalize on each institution’s research training infrastructure supervision, training approaches, methods programmes and quality assurance. This offers a unique opportunity for ESRs to benefit from a diversity of training modules as well as the bespoke training for the programme.


The project is embedded in real life problems and situations and experience of work outside academia to inculcate an understanding of the work environment and develop work based competences by being mentored and seconded at non-academic partners. LNETN has nine non-academic partners and one academic parther who will host ESRs during their secondments.

Network training

There are ten network-based training events designed to achieve the learning objectives. They integrate research-specific and transferable skills training. Research-specific training events focus on legitimation of newness and theory building; transferable skills training events cover broad range of transferable skills beyond usually provided by in-house training programmes. The network-based training events are:

  • PhD course in Transferable Skills
  • PhD course in Theorising and Theory Building
  • PhD course in Legitimation of New Institutions and Policies
  • PhD course in Legitimation of New Industries and International New Ventures
  • PhD course in Legitimation and Scenario Planning
  • PhD course in Legitimation of Newness in Modern and Traditional Contexts
  • PhD course in Legitimation and Business Models
  • Co-creation Annual Network Conference/Summer Schools (2)
  • Scientific Conference ‘Legitimation of Newness’, incl., a Doctoral Consortium
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Michael K. Simonsen

PhD course in transferable skills 

PhD course in Legitimation and Scenario Planning

Legitimation of new industries and international new ventures

Legitimation of newness in modern and traditional contexts 

Summer School 2022

PhD course in Theorizing and Theory Building 

Legitimation of new institutions and policies 

Legitimation of new organizing forms and pratices 

LNETN conference 

Summer School 2023