Book Launch:

Book Launch: "Populism and Higher Education Curriculum Development: Problem Based Learning as a Mitigating Response"

This book • Examines how populism affects curriculum and learning methods • Asks if PBL offers an effective response to external forces • Analyses PBL against a time of rising inequality and nationalism

This book explores the extent to which populism and the populist agenda is influencing curriculum content and learning methods in higher education. Against a background of increasing inequalities and a rising tide of nationalism and populism, this book raises concerns that populism – and its various manifestations – represents a grave challenge to learning. Using problem based learning as a case study, the editors and contributors draw on a range of cross-disciplinary studies from various regions to examine how regional, national and organizational perspectives emphasise different aspects of PBL. In doing so, they question whether PBL provides an effective response to external influences, or offers a counter force to a ‘populist’ higher education agenda. Has the learner become the centre of the process, or are they simply a reflection of the external forces shaping curriculum? This book appeals to scholars of problem based learning, as well as populism and the role of higher education in society.

This book, edited by Romeo V. Turcan and John E. Reilly, has grown out of a project implemented in the Republic of Moldova funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme: Introducing Problem Based Learning in Moldova: Toward Enhancing Students’ Competitiveness and Employability (

The Launch

Introduction of the book by Romeo V. Turcan and John E. Reilly who positioned the book within the PBLMD project and set the scene for the launch. It was followed by a panel discussion on 'PBL Challenges and responses to Populism', chaired by Birgitte Gregersen. A panel discussion on 'PBL Supporting Global Agendas' followed next, chaired by Kenneth M. Jorgensen. A small reception conncluded the book launch. The launch took place at 1:00-4:00 pm on Aug 24, 2021 at 115, Fibigerstraede 11, Aalborg, 9220, Denmark. The book flier can be accessed here.


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