(Un)authentic leadership of digital transformations

(Un)authentic leadership of digital transformations

Hosted by the School of Business and Economics of the Linnaeus University, this public discussion centered on digital transformation processes organizations embarked on to gain resilience and change their ways of doing business during and after the pandemic.

The panel

The keynote speaker Timo Schneider, specialist, manager and external consultant in the field of digital commerce and online marketplaces with over 20 years’ experience, Kempter/Reuter, Germany, was joined in the panel by David Lengström, CEO ALMI Business Partner Kalmar; Rene Lydiksen, CEO web-development Oxygen and former global business leader at Lego Education International in Denmark; Emelie Sjölander, Founder and CEO Boksmart Publishing and barnsmart.se; Marianna Strzelecka, Associate Professor, School of Business and Economics at LNU and Romeo V Turcan, Professor at the School of Business, Aalborg University in Denmark.

The context

The panel followed on an intense week of a PhD Supervisor course in Authentic Leadership with participants from five universities where lectures and panels were mixed with workshops and discussions on PhD supervision dilemmas. Both the panel and course were presented as part of the EU funded Erasmus+ project IETN; International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training, and its five partner universities; Aalborg University, Denmark; Linnaeus University, Sweden; LUT University, Finland; Siegen University, Germany and Tartu University, Estonia.


Susanne Sandberg, IETN Local Project Manager, Linnaeus University