TBRP Launches a New Research Programme: High Impact Entrepreneurship

This new TBRP research programme motivates and facilitates research on High Impact Entrepreneurship and studies new ventures which pursue innovative, disruptive breakthroughs, and/or operate in uncertain national/international/global environments, and which produce superior net utility at society, industry, firm and individual levels.

High Impact Entrepreneurship research programme draws on newness, uncertainty, and disruptive breakthroughs that emerge from – Legitimation Theory – Bubbles, Runaway Sentiments and Collective Behavior – Late Globalization, De-Globalization and De-internationalization – TBRP research programmes.

The High Impact Entrepreneurship research programme is led by Chris Mould, CEO of Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI).

We invite entrepreneurs and other practitioners, policy makers, researchers to share with us their High Impact Entrepreneurship stories.

First case

The first High Impact Entrepreneurship case has been just published:

How a Small NGO, The Trussell Trust, Mobilized a Nation by Chris Mould

Learn more about

Please visit our website for detailed information about the programme, incl., how to submit your case: https://www.tbrp.aau.dk/theory-building-projects/high-impact-entrepreneurship/ 


Chris Mould, CEO, FSCI, chris.mould(at)fscinet.org, https://www.tbrp.aau.dk/about/people/