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To be at the forefront of creating new knowledge and developing new understanding of theory building processes, the theory building projects within the Programme facilitate cross-disciplinary research on the basis of conceptual and methodological pluralism.

The frontier research questions that are pursuit in this programme are discipline boundaryless. One may start wondering: how do we advance a research field? Via theory building as one way of many would be the answer. But how do we actually do it? How do we conduct research in an emerging field, in a field that is at the intersection of multiple theoretical frameworks, or on a phenomenon that is new, emerging and/or not convenient to research? How do we go from pure description where most of research actually stops to propositions, middle range theories, and even beyond a substantive theory? How do we derive policy and practice recommnendations from the newly emerging theories?

To contribute to this endeavour, the theory building projects within the Programme bring together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, with complimentary theoretical and conceptual approaches, techniques, methodologies and instrumentation, goals and motivations.





Romeo V. Turcan
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Legitimation theory


Bubbles, runaway sentiments & collective behaviour

De-internationalization and De-globalization


Late globalization


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