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Life being short to test theories is not the only trigger that initiated this programme. In addition to our understanding of what a good theory is (or is not), we also need a better understanding of how theories are being built, that is, an understanding of theory building processes.

We also acknowledge that an important feature of a field is that it is constantly changing with new theories being developed. This means that to such continual growth and rapid change extant new realities and challenges further demand new (re)definitions not only of the scientific fields, but also of business, economic, political, social, technological and cultural realities.

Nowadays PhD researchers have the opportunity to receive training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies; however the opportunity for the doctoral researchers to receive hands-on experience and training on theorising and theory building is scarce.

Following on from the above triggers, the Theory Building Research Programme aims to advance our understanding of theory building process by:

  • Developing new and sharpening extant theory building methodologies, methods, tools and techniques
  • Applying these methodologies, methods, tools and techniques to cross-disciplinary research and empirical settings to develop new theories
  • Training young researchers on how to theorise and build theory from extant theoretical and pratical knowledge and the data.

To achieve the above objectives, TBRP serves as a platform that brings together international scholars passionate about theory building and theorising. TBRP is also a lovely hub that facilitates cross-disciplinary training and research, as well as much needed conceptual and methodological pluralism.

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Romeo V. Turcan
E-mail: rvt(at)business.aau.dk

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