June 22, 2023

keynote (Chair: Romeo V. Turcan)

From margin to mainstream: the mysterious construction of legitimacy

DR Norman M. Fraser

Co-founder and chairman, Softiron

Norman is IT entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at the Aalborg University Business School. Educated at Edinburgh and London Universities, he has spent more than twenty years creating and leading successful technology businesses. He has authored around 50 peer-reviewed publications and his current research interests include entrepreneurship, industry creation, legitimation and institutionalization... learn more

Session 1 (Chair: Luiza Stein)

  • Legitimacy challenges of connected, autonomous electric vehicles, and connectivity solutions (Rashid Dehkordi, Petri Ahokangas, Seppo Yrjölä, Natasha Evers, Mika Sorvisto)
  • Shaping and legitimising external enablers: An analysis of U-Space development (Felix Honecker, Deniz Dönmez, Seppo Yrjölä)
  • Legitimizing sustainability: Missionarism, transmutation, and inevitability (Cristian Ziliberberg, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Norbert Mundorf, Romeo V. Turcan)
  • Luxury entrepreneurship exploration of an extravagant hotel with ESG adoption and legitimation (Dennis P. Sakalauskas, Romeo V. Turcan)

Session 2 (Chair: Aastha Pandey)

  • Legitimation and collective system-building in new industries (Luiza Stein, Natasha Evers, Timo Koivumäki)
  • Trajectories of transformational field change initiatives: A legitimacy based perspective (Saurav Kumar, Dmitrij Slepniov, Ruby Roy Dholakia)
  • Legitimizing organizations response to new behaviours on mental health (Susana Díaz-Iglesias)
  • The influence of gender on legitimacy judgments in uncertain times (Ana Cruz-Suárez, Francisco Díez-Martín)

Session 3 (Cahir: Aigerim Dairabekova)

  • New music measurement methods: Legitimating interdisciplinary epistemologies in marketing research (Ian Reyes, Shawn Scott)
  • Legitimising new practices: A Product launch case study (Jackson Kinyanjui, Manoella Antonieta Ramos, Svante Andersson)
  • How the perceived value impacts on the retailers’ legitimacy? (M. Luisa Medrano-García, Alicia Blanco-González, Gabriel Cachón-Rodríguez, Lourdes Rivero-Gutiérrez)
  • Life sciences product launch: Strategies for legitimizing across countries (Manoella Antonieta Ramos, Jackson Kinyanjui, Svante Andersson)
  • The enigma of leadership: Authenticity or legitimacy? (John E. Reilly, Romeo V. Turcan)

June 23, 2023

Kenote (chair: Jillian gordon)

Pandora Warehouse: what is a new normal after blockchain

Dr Oleksiy Feshchenko

Adviser (Cybercrime & Cryptocurrencies), UNODC

Oleksiy is Adviser (Cybercrime & Cryptocurrencies) in the Cybercrime and Money Laundering Section of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Since 2016, Oleksiy leads a UNODC project on cryptocurrencies that builds capacities of Financial Intelligence Units, law enforcement and supervisors to investigate cryptocurrencies and reduce risks of money laundering and terrorism financing. Since 2020, he works on the UNODC project on Darknet trade in opioids... learn more

Session 4 (Chair: Gonçalo Rodrigues)

  • State legitimacy, economic policy uncertainty and entrepreneurship (Jessica Paule-Vianez, Antonio Fernández-Portillo, Giorgia Miotto, José Luis Coca-Pérez)
  • Regulators in quest of legitimacy: The case of the crypto industry (Loïc Sauce)
  • Legitimation and legitimacy in business model and ecosystem innovation context: Technology, regulatory and business as legitimation domains (Oxana Gisca, Julia Zhang, Rashid Sadeghian Dehkordi, Petri Ahokangas, Timo Koivumaki)
  • Legitimizing ethics: Policy and regulatory focus theory (Olga Pojiltov)

Session 5 (Chair: Jackson Kinyanjui)

  • A three-pipe solution for the survival of stigmatised and (il)legitimised practices (Louis Lines, Felix Honecker)
  • Legitimacy as a strategy against depopulation (Alicia Blanco-González, Camilo Prado-Román, Miguel Franco-Pérez, Sandra Escamilla-Solano)
  • Legitimation and behaviour change in disaster preparedness (Norbert Mundorf, Cristian Ziliberberg, Alexander Fekete, Romeo V. Turcan)
  • Impacts of extreme events on (de-)legitimation of innovation ecosystems: Scotland case study (Gonçalo Rodrigues, Aastha Pandey, Manoella Ramos, Kevin Walls)

Session 6 (Chair: Rashid Sadeghian Dehkordi)

  • The legitimacy of technology or the technology as a generator of legitimacy? (Francisco Díez-Martín, Johana Palomino, Alicia Blanco-González)
  • Establishing legitimacy for Internet of Things based start-ups (Aastha Pandey)
  • Human-AI centricity and data: Legitimacy challenges (Oxana Gisca, Julia Helena Zhang, Petri Ahokangas, Timo Koivumäki, Martti Ahtisaari, Romeo V. Turcan)
  • Co-emergence and co-legitimation of new business ecosystems and human-centric personal data (Aigerim Dairabekova)

Keynote (Chair: Alicia Blanco-González)

Comparing Legitimacy and Agency Theories to Advance Research, Practice and Policy Agendas


Patron, Camilo Prado Foundation

Luis is Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting and member of the Academy of Management, the Financial Management Association, European Academy of Management and Business Academics. He is Fellow of the Graduate School of Business at University of Wisconsin. Luis received scholarships incl., from the Research Personnel Training Program of the Ministry of Education and Honorary University Business Foundation Award... learn more