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Florian is Professor for Corporate Sustainability at ESCP Business School, Berlin, Germany, where he holds the Chair for Corporate Sustainability. He is a Research Fellow at ESCP’s SustBusy Research Center and Leuphana University’s Centre for Sustainability Management. He also was a Research Fellow at the Governing Responsible Business Research Environment at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He earned his PhD in social sciences and economics from Leuphana University... learn more.

Lorenzo Massa

Lorenzo is Full Professor at the Aalborg University Business School (AAUBS), Managing Director of the Business Design Lab at AAU, member of the expert network (innovation) at World Economic Forum, and adjunct faculty at EPFL-EMBA, at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS), Frankfurt School of Finance and Management as well as Bologna Business School (BBS)... learn more.

Yariv Taran

Yariv is Associate Professor in Innovation and Organization at the Aalborg University Business School. He received a BSc in Management and Sociology at the Open University of Israel, and an MSc in Economics and Business Administration at the Aalborg University, from where he also received his PhD in Business Model Innovation. His research focuses primarily on business model design, managing risks through innovation processes, and decision making under uncertainty... learn more.

Romeo V. Turcan

Romeo is Full Professor at the the Aalborg University Business School, founder and coordinator of an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international collaborative research programme, Theory Building Research Programme (TBRP), coordinator of two EU funded projects, LNETN and IETN, with research interests in creation and legitimation of new sectors and new organizations and theory building. He earned his PhD in International Entrepreneurship from Strathclyde University, Glasgow... learn more.

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