2013 edition

In mid-May, we hosted the 2013 Edition of the course that gathered 20 PhD candidates from Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Sweden. 

Please visit students' testimonials and take a look at several pictures from the course, to learn about 2013 edition. 

The 2013 Edition focused on theorizing and theory building from literature and qualitative data employing Grounded Theory methodology and informing deductive methodologies by Grounded Theory methods.

Dr. Andy Lowe, Fellow of the Grounded Research Institute in California was our guest lecturer, guiding the candidates through the hurdles of the Grounded Theory methodology. The candidates had an opportunity to participate in a 45 min Q&A session with Dr. Barney Glaser, asking questions on various topics related to Grounded Theory.

As part of the course, the students also had the opportunity to work in groups and present their results on two assignments, as well as receive feedback on their PhD work.

On behalf of course organizers, we would like to also acknowledge Dr. Michael Fast’s valuable contribution to the course. Last but not least, many thanks to Helle Kragbæk Nordentoft who took care of daily operational issues leading up to and during the course, and Valeria Gulieva, who as student assistant made the progress faster.

The 2014 Edition of the course will take place between 12 and 16 of May and will be hosted by Oulu University.

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