2020 edition

The 2020 - 8th - Edition of the TBRP PhD course was held at the Aalborg University Business School in Denmark. It brought together Doctoral Researchers from China, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Tanzania, who were not only at various stages in their doctoral studies, but who also had diverse research intersts, such as:

  • Impact of Lean Supply Chain Management on business performance: The Role of the Context
  • Cooperation and Competition in Innovation Ecosystems: A Complementors’ Perspective
  • Explore the relationship between HQ and Subsidiaries in Danish MNEs
  • Emerging Ecosystems of Educational Technology in Higher Learning: A Scope of Sociology of Technology
  • Contextualizing Violence Prevention: Perspectives on How to Prevent Violence at Work
  • Value Creation in Innovation Projects
  • Indigenous apporach to innovation in the context of China
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Innovating  the  Invisible  and  Intangible:  Value Creation in Service Innovation
  • Explore how do fishing companies in the Faroe Islands approach strategy and innovation
  • A grounded theory of organisational leadership within Swiss public hospitals
  • Explore the Reputation of (Cooperative) Banks
  • Construction Management: To Plan and/or to Facilitate Collaboration
  • Investigation on Competitive Green Resources Products Business Model in Tanzania

Doctoral researchers' learning reflections on the course may be found by visiting the Testimonials page.

External and internal faculty provided support for the course: Dr. Andy Lowe, Grounded Theory Institute in California; Professor Emeritus Nikhilesh Dholakia, University of Rhode Island; Professor David Boje and and Professor Romeo V. Turcan of the Aalborg University Business School.

Moments captured during the course are available on www.facebook.com/tbrp.aau.dk.

This 8th edition of the TBRP PhD course was supported by

TBRP faculty appreciates very much the support from Michael Simonsen during the whole week making the experience of all delegates as smooth as it can possibly be.