2019 edition

The 7TH, 2019 Edition of the TBRP PhD course was hosted by the University of Agder (UIA) bringining doctoral researchers from Norway, China, Israel, Tanzania, Ghana, Denmark, Poland and Finland for a five-day intensive doctoral training. These doctoral researchers study interesting phenomena in diverse contexts such as:

  • Gender issues and dynamics in equity crowdfunding across different cultures
  • Management, organisation and good administrative behaviour in the age of digital government
  • Knowledge management in franchising
  • Oil and Gas industry and development of SMEs in Tanzania: Mechanisms for promoting SMEs sector participation
  • Impact of legal system on the performance of foreign companies operating in Africa
  • The role of microfinance institution on rural entrepreneurship and economic growth: A case study of Tanzania
  • Equity crowdfunding: A bridge over the valley of death for new healthcare product ventures
  • Exploring non–linear internationalization process of SMEs
  • Regional heterogeneity and marketing strategies in crowdfunding
  • Chinese MNCs’ FDI Strategy in Poland
  • Social franchising: An entrepreneurial path to health intervention
  • The future of leadership in the Norwegian workplace: A study of how modern development and digitalization in the Norwegian workplace is affecting the role of leaders

Doctoral researchers' feedback on the course may be found by visiting Testimonials page.

External and internal faculty provided support for the course: Dr. Andy Lowe, Grounded Theory Institute in California; Professor Emeritus Nikhilesh Dholakia, University of Rhode Island; and Professor Romeo V. Turcan, Aalborg University.

Moments captured during the course are available via Pictures and more via the course Facebook page www.facebook.com/tbrp.aau.dk.

This edition of the TBRP PhD course was supported by University of Agder. TBRP faculty kindly thanks Roy Mersland for hosting TBRP PhD course ay UIA and appreciates very much the support from Gunvor Guttormsen during the whole week making the experience of all delegates as smooth as it can possibly be.

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