2017 edition

In 2017 we celebrated 5 years of the TBRP PhD course. As in previous years, we hosted doctoral researchers from around the world - Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Tanzania, Vietnam - who were researching interesting phenomena in diverse contexts such as:

  • Discovery and creation of opportunities by female entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan
  • Emergence of new forms of organizing in the context of social media information sharing
  • Emergence of new product concepts in medical industry
  • Evolution of organizations in the context of project based organizations in the energy sector
  • Trust building in the context of consulting sector
  • Life meaning in the context of Ghanaian employees
  • Process of internationalization in the context of MNEs from emerging markets
  • Altering human behaviour via augmented reality in the context hotel construction industry
  • Portfolio evaluation in the context of R&D in MNEs
  • Process of adoption of digital technology in B2B relationship marketing
  • Sustainability of production and consumption of contemporary fashion with a focus on body, cloth culture, fit and sizing
  • Social consequences of child cancer survival
  • Decision making under uncertainty in the context of fashion trends and subjective preferences

Doctoral researchers' feedback on the course may be found by visiting Testimonials page.

This year the doctoral researchers dialogued with Dr. Barney Glaser via a life-skype call from California asking for example "What distinguishes the GT method from other research methods?” and “How much training in theoretical sensitivity is needed before starting a GT research project?”.

External and internal faculty provided support for the course: Dr. Andy Lowe, Grounded Theory Institute in California; Professor Emeritus Nikhilesh Dholakia, University of Rhode Island; Dr. Michael Fast, Aalborg University; and Professor Romeo V. Turcan, Aalborg University.

Moments captured during the course are available via Pictures and more via the course Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tbrp.aau.dk.

This edition of the TBRP PhD course was supported by the Doctoral School of Social Sciences of Aalborg University.


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